Millions of Americans need to AWAKEN before it is too late!


Millions of Americans have been lied to by a corrupt government. They live in “Perceptions of Reality”. They have been busy in their own individual worlds of family and friends earning livings, attending sporting events rather than paying attention to a government that today owns and controls them. They are not solely to blame. They have my empathy because I was one of them until I awakened in May 2016.

America is near its end and many will wonder how they ever allowed it to happen. I pray everyday that it is not too late and people will open their minds to the truth I have uncovered by researching facts in my e-book “TRUMPS WALL a people crime scene investigation”.

The Presidential election in 2016 between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was the first time in history the American people heard the terms rigged government and rigged mainstream media. It was also the first time the mainstream media broadcast about the Clinton Crime family and the sexual perversion of teens through the “Lolita Express” in the Bahamas.

It matters not if you are a conservative or liberal the truth is that if you love your family, the only choice to stop the destruction of humanity in the U.S. was by electing Donald Trump. This is not my opinion. This is a reality based on my research of facts and a career of professional research for some fortune 500 corporations. Marketing warfare research against competitors used to sell products through brainwashing and psychological tactics to make perceptions reality.

I am putting articles of facts on this blog because I love my country, freedom and Constitutional rights given by our forefathers to we the people in 1776. You just need the courage to open you minds and stand in a domain of truth to empower yourself to act with other people to save America from a total communist takeover and jihadist genocide.

-M. Glenn Baxter  a 71 years old proud patriot

Find who controls rigged US media and why they have been against Trump’s Wall. Click for free download.



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